Mine warfare vessels providing optimum safety on mined seaways

Our mine warfare vessels are renowned in their class due to the high level of unit protection, the integration of sophisticated mine countermeasure systems and the use of advanced construction materials. Repairs and upgrades of these vessels are cost-effective even after many years in service.


Cutting-edge technology

The non-magnetic steel used for the hull and superstructure of these vessels provides flexibility and stability, guaranteeing important tactical advantages, as well as effective protection from fire and explosions. Low magnetic and acoustic signatures increase the success of mine countermeasure operations, providing a very high level of safety for the crew on board.


No chance for naval mines

We use remote-controlled surface drones for minesweeping, as well as underwater drones for minehunting. The sonar systems on the mine warfare vessels and the sonar systems of the drones are used to pinpoint the exact location of underwater contacts and also to support the destruction of naval mines.