Corvettes – state-of-the-art technology and fleet protection

Lürssen corvettes are medium-sized combat vessels designed with an anti-surface warfare focus. Based on those required capabilities, the vessels are able to execute a wide range of missions for maritime security including:


  • crisis management
  • maintaining security in territorial waters
  • and combat operations


They are equipped with sophisticated combat and weapon systems, which makes them an invaluable addition to any naval flotilla.


Individual and innovative

We build our corvettes to suit the individual requirements of your fleet. A high level of automation and integration allows the corvettes to react flexibly to various situations and threats. The design includes passive protection capabilities whilst also integrating active protection capabilities.


Reliable combatants

Powerful defence systems offer protection from various sources such as missiles or ultraviolet, electro-optical, infrared or radar-guided weapons. The countermeasure systems intercept, locate, analyse, classify and identify threats and have multiple target-tracking capabilities.