EGV Type 702 (Berlin, Frankfurt, Bonn)

Data Sheet



Type: Type 702

First of Class: Berlin

First Commissioning: 2001

Dimensions & Crew

Displacement: 20,000 t

Length: 174 m

Beam: 24 m

Draught: 7.4 m

Crew: 159 (+ 74 embarked)



MSP 500


Link 11


2 x RAS Stations

2 x 22 t Cranes

2 x Sea King MK 41

Helicopter Hangar

Helicopter Landing Deck

84 x Container Places

7,600 t Diesel Fuel

490 t Aviation Fuel

126 t Lube Oil

71 t Fresh Water

100 t Consumables

1,075 t Supplies

230 t Provisions


Task Group Supply

Coastal Supply Point

Replenishment at Sea

Task Group Command

Containerized Maritime Rescue Center (Role2E)

Maritime Surveillance


Engines: 2 x Diesel

Total Power: 10,560 kW (Berlin, Frankfurt am Main)
Total Power: 14,400 kW (Bonn)

Propellers: 2 x CPP

Speed: 20 kts


4 x MLG 27

Please note, that the specifications given refer to the ship being built. It can however be individually configured to your needs.